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Our Technology
Recommended Stack
Following is the recommended stack that will combine optimal total cost of ownership (TCO) while guaranteeing optimal application performance and availability. Note that much of the recommended components are swappable for other equivalent components in the stack, and our technology is easily adaptable to your environment. Our product page provides live examples of heteregeneous production environments in which Crosspollinate is deployed.

Development Principles

The Crosspollinate technology stack is based on a few fundamental software development principles:

  • leverage the all best-of-breed open source components to optimyze the TCO (total cost of ownership) of the final product
  • provide simple and clean software architectures
  • provide a design which out-of-the-box allows for application extensibility, scalability and performance
  • provide multi-tier architectures with rest-compliant APIs designed for building either high-end HTML5 or native mobile applications
  • provide world-class front-end architecture allowing for optimal rendering on all browsers regardless of browser/devices
  • apps designed OOTB for best-of-breed search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO)

On demand, the Crosspollinate architecture can easily integrate with any of the open webs services and REST APIs of this world, such as (for example):
  • various reporting and analytics integration
  • various payment and/or monetization services