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Our Services
High-End HTML5 Applications
Crosspollinate builds high-end HTML5 applications, providing a build-once/run everywhere experience while optimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the solution. Our apps effectively integrate with best-of-breed open source frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap, Memcached, Lucene, etc.
Our apps are typically built on Crosspollinate's technology stack and components, but our architecture allows for adaptability to most customers' runtime environments.

App Design and Prototypes
In today's environment where a solid proof of concept can unlock support from large companies or investors, Crosspollinate helps startups and companies build interactive prototypes or effective demos and that will get you to the next step.
For projects which are already funded, our team can help you go from visual mockups to a full fledged application design and contruct the building blocks of a solid and scalable architecture. Clickable prototypes can either be provided as clickable HTML5 or wireframes.

Success Story: We built the initial prototypes and architecture for ClearTrial, which was acquired by Oracle in 2012.

Minimum Viable Products and Branding
Getting from one great idea to a full-fledged, attractive and scalable product can be a challenge that most entrepreneurs will find hard to achieve. Crosspollinate will accelerate your path to MVP (Minimum Viable Product), helping you make critical decisions to achieve optimal time to market.
Our team can also provide branding and marketing advisory, finding the names and taglines that best resonate with your targeted audience.

Success Story: We helped rebrand Pitchbrite and proposed an alternative product strategy, leading to a successful launch in March 2012 and an acquisition by Caprally in January 2013.

Technology Integration
Few application nowadays require no third party integration in order to simply exist in their own ecosystem. Crosspollinate (hence the name) has developed an expertise in integrating apps with external web services. Whether social media or analytics, our team can not only provide succeful integration strategies but also expose your own service to the world by building your APIs for others to consume.
More specifically, for companies requiring advanced automation or back-end processing capabilities, an option is to let us embbed some of our technology in their product offering.

Success Story: Crosspollinate's Twitter Content Optimization Engine Intweetiv was acquired and integrated in PostPlanner, a leading provider in the Social Media Publishing and Content Marketing space, based in San Francisco, California.

Mobile Development
Crosspollinate builds mobile apps for the iOS or Android platforms. On top of building slick looking apps, we can also provide a REST based, server-side architecture which will satisfy the most demanding use cases.

Success Story: We developed an iPhone app for La French TV, an innovative web TV based in San Francisco. The app provides users with channels of video streaming content, as well as many social media sharing capabilities.

Search Engine Optimization - Social Media Optimization
Crosspollinate has a deep expertise at optimizing web applications for search engine optimization, as well as optimizing social media channels and user base for major brands and large publishers. Crosspollinate Social Media Publisher allows social media managers to find and automate engaging content to their social streams. Our engine also features a user base optimizer technology, a set of algorithms which identify and engage with social media influencers which are most likely to engage and re-post your social content. Our social media curation service also provides a sophisticated way to discover but filter high-performing content before posting it to your stream.

Success Story: Crosspollinate Social Media Publisher has been powering and optimizing a long list of large publisher and brand social media accounts such as Complex Magazine, Sociol Moms, Ted Talks, PostPlanner etc