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Trending Content for your Vertical
content marketing api Benefits of the API

The Crosspollinate Content Marketing API provides the ability for our clients to programatically access trending content from multiple web sources on ANY keyword/subject, creating the most comprehensive database of engaging content for every type of verticals. This services uses a unique algorithm to search for content relating to even the most obscure keywords and subject focuses and generates a stream of links that content marketers can easily leverage to use whithin their own content marketing applications.

Who Should Benefit from the API?

  • Franchises to have access to approved and applicable content from corporate offices
  • Agents or representatives to have consistent content to share on individual fan pages
  • Brands or companies in industries that often struggle to find applicable content to share with their audiences
  • Social Media managers or agencies that live/operate in a different place than clients


The Content Marketing API is easily pluggable with Crosspollinate Social Media Optimizer and all other RSS-compatible social media automation services, allowing marketers to combine the strenght of a trending content feed on a platform that allows for post automation, scheduling and curation.

One Simple and Affordable Plan

The Content Marketing API is a service available for $499/monthly, with unlimited keywords (some API quotas may apply to limit abuse).

Test It Today!

Please contact us at api[@] for test access to the API. Our team will provide you with a sample API key for free access during 7 days.

Monthly Access: $499
  • RSS/ATOM delivery format
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Covers every verticals
  • Combine multiple keywords
How It Works:
  • Define your list of keywords
  • Put the keywords in the URL
  • Import that RSS url in your favorite feed automation application (Hootsuite, Twitterfeed, etc) and deliver engaging content to all your media channels
Sample output:
  • This is a sample RSS output for keywords "real estate" and "mortgage"
  • The URL format for this sample is ?q=real+estate,mortgage