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Technology Partners

The DaCast online video service provides an optimal self-service environment for broadcasters to stream content and monetize video out of the box without the need for additional sign up.

Oecoway creates high quality touch applications. Oecoway's background is in the web and social space. Before Friendly for Facebook, they ran a social media monitoring service call Twazzup, and also their own social network called Yokway.

Orbirental Orbirental is a software company, located in the San Francisco Bay area, focusing on building the next generation of web and mobile applications for vacation rental owners and vacation rental agencies.

Business Partners

PostPlanner Social dashboards like HootSuite have one major disadvantage for business owners: they do not run within Facebook itself. PostPlanner provides one core function, but it is the most important one in social media. You can create a schedule of planned posts.

La French TV is a cultural web TV channel promoting knowledge, open-mindedness via creative and inspiring web-documentaries to its French-American audience.

briteyield BriteYield is a cloud-based, big data service providing vacation rental agencies with the ability to automate property pricing and optimize rental revenues.

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