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Our Customers
Here's a list of some of our past and present customers.

The world's leading organizations rely on Vignette to power their business-critical Web and e-business solutions and to deliver benefits such as increased customer loyalty, revenue generation, productivity and costs savings. Vignette was acquired by Opentext in May 2009.

ClearTrial develops and markets a software as a service (SaaS) system designed for biopharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers for the planning, outsourcing, and tracking of clinical trials. ClearTrial was acquired by Oracle in May 2009.

Proximic provides web services for Page Contextualization, Audience Targeting and Brand Protection to advertising networks, agencies / DSPs, and publishers, with the goal to empower greater control, precision, confidence and profitability of ad placements across the ad ecosystem.

Zappli Inc is a provider of mobile-centric shopping solutions for consumers. Developed by Zappli, myShopanion is the world's most comprehensive mobile social shopping solution and the first to combine the ability to find product information, reviews, and prices for millions of products with the ability to connect and ask friends in real-time for shopping advice. Zappli was acquired by ShopZilla in March 2013.

Pitchbrite connects entrepreneurs with investors. Building a business is hard enough. Pitchbrite uses a proprietary recommendation engine to provide you with VC matches, and uncovers social connections to provide you with intros. Pitchbrite was acquired by Caprally in January 2013.

Located in Northern California, Paris For Rent is a US based agency with service staff in Paris. Founded in 1998, we have been hosting thousands of guests in our apartments in Paris for more than a decade, nearly 30% of them loyally returning year after year.

Bidzy is a website providing information of various services providers and enables customers to make appointments and bookings.

The National Buyer Listing Service is the first national listing service of pre-approved residential real estate buyers. It's a marketplace where buyers anonymously post their requirements to the web and receive offers from eager sellers. It's real estate in reverse.